Printed and Digital Resource for Freelancers

The problem was simple:
Too many creatives are going out into the freelance workforce without the knowledge they need to succeed financially and in business. No matter how talented the creative, poor business and finance skills could be a downfall at any point.
To tackle it, I created a system of binder friendly booklets, each dedicated around a single aspect of life as a freelancer, for creatives to purchase and reference at any time. Packs can be customised to the creative’s needs, such as photographer specific, writer specific or designer specific packages.
There are two main formats, as there is two types of content that is useful to freelancers:

Print: Hard facts, boxes to check, processes to follow

Digital: Anecdotes, stories, interviews, inspiration.

Each print booklet uses a loop-staple binding setup, so they can be added to a quality A5 binder and referenced whenever needed, hence the name inbound, not only referring to the knowledge bombs being dropped.