Client: Abe Fettig - NY, USA
Deliverables: App branding & icon

Filmlab is one of my favourite projects, it was the perfect fit both for me and the client. It all started when I stumbled across a kickstarter for an app called Filmlab. Abe Fettig, software engineer and film photographer, wanted a quicker and easier way to capture and share negatives on social media with friends and family. He started a kickstarter which showed a rudimentary prototype of an app that would track and convert images on a negative live, and allowed high quality scanning and sharing. Well before the kickstarter ended I got in touch - I know he’d need a designer to design an app icon and branding for this project, one that understood film photographers and what they need. He raised almost 40,000 USD to work on the project full time, and took my up on my cold-call to design the app branding. Plenty of late nights on skype later, we hashed out the icon and branding and the app launched live to the iOS app store to a great reception. The idea behind the icon is the simple magic that seemingly happens in front of your eyes, where dull images turn into vibrant scenes, ready to capture and share.