Dive Beer
Client: Cry Baby Bar - Adelaide
Deliverables: Branding - Packaging - Strategy​​​​​​​
A summary by Sean Howard:
Let us spin you a little story...
Way back before we went a little crazy on the beer list, there was only one faithful tinny in our fridges. A beer worthy of a solo throne that was supposed to hold its place indefinitely in the realm of Cry Baby. This beer was America's very own Pabst Blue Ribbon or better known as "PBR".
PBR was in its simplicity, just perfect. It was a tallboy can, selling cheap. It was just beer that tasted like beer. A plain old lager equipped for any situation to quench any thirst with ease. The large can was a statement of its glory, shining bigger and better than anything else.
But so goes the story that nothing lasts forever...
In recent months, we saw the phasing out of the "tallboy" can as PBR moved its lager into the more modest 330mL can. And just like that, a legend is dead. The high and mighty glory of the PBR Tallboy had lost its charm and something about that smaller can just missed the spot. Proof that sometimes bigger really is better.
So begun the journey of finding a new tallboy to claim the throne, but months passed with no prevail until one fateful night led to the decision among Cry Baby's staff to fill it with their own product.
Upon copious amounts of research and trialling products with local breweries and their capabilities to provide the good people of Adelaide with the tallboy they deserve, we fell into business with the house name we have come to love; Pirate Life Brewing.
Thus began the process of creating our liquid gold, no frills, beer that tastes like beer tallboy.
Day and night we worked hand in hand with Pirate Life to bring together the Cry Baby tallboy, ever so magnificently wrapped in a design by the lucrative Ben Neale, a young gun of the scene who deserves every bit of props thrown to him.
Ladies & dirt bags, we present to you in collaboration with Pirate Life Brewing & Neale Design, The Cry Baby 'Dive Beer' Lager Tallboy.

Images by @photos_by_talis